Rock in the Rockies Weddings




Whether we're with you for a full day of wedding coverage or an engagement shoot, we'll ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. We strive to capture honest, candid moments, and those aren't possible if you don't feel at ease.

Our shooting style ...

"Photojournalistic, with an emphasis on candid moments and emotions. We create a diversity of images that capture the emotion of your day, the beauty of the venue, and the people around you. Always paying attention to what is going on, capturing moments you didn't even know were happening."

What makes us different? I invite you to look at our galleries and see if our work speaks to you. Not only the beautiful wedding shots, but also the live music. Capturing moments that happen in a split second takes technical skill, combined with artistic vision. This is very much a talent to be mastered. Explore what we’ve caught from the middle of a mosh pit, and imagine what we can do within a controlled environment. Your emotions. Captured timelessly.

We know how important some shots can be. We work with you in advance to prepare a timeline for your day, to ensure everything is captured the way you envision it. If Aunt Norma doesn't get that shot of her kids with the groom, you know you'll be hearing about it for the next five years. We don't want that any more than you do. We worry about these things so you don't have to.

"My commitment to you is to always put your needs first to capture the candid moments and authentic emotion that tell the story of your day. We keep up with the excitement and flow of your day, and anticipate moments before they happen. Missed moments cannot be recreated."

If the Worn Leather Media philosophy speaks to you and you're interested in knowing more about how we can naturally enhance the vibrancy of your day, please reach out to set up a consultation. We'd love to get to know you.



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