Hey! We're the Fays!

Weddings are a time to be surrounded by your closest friends and family. As your photographers, we will be with you all day, and it's so important you feel just as comfortable with us as you do with your bestie. The first step to that is getting to know us a little bit. Keep scrolling to see what makes us tick. We're excited to get to know you too!

Our Story

Hi, I'm Dave

I (Dave) discovered photography through a life-long passion for music. I got started creating online content for a band I was playing with. That transitioned into photographing friends’ bands in the local music scene. I quickly found I had a passion and affinity for concert photography. A year later was photographing national touring acts, and that led to covering the Junos in 2017 and 2018! While it doesn't happen as often anymore, live music photography will always have a place in my heart.

Hi, I'm Natalie

Natalie is a natural born story-teller and nature enthusiast. She has been living that passion for over a decade through her work with Parks Canada. When not working, she is often found exploring the outdoors. She also enjoys being late for brunch, and the occasional local dive bar to check out live music. One of those dive bars is where we first met. Connecting over a love of live music, and beards, we were inseparable from the moment we started dating. Always searching for the next band to check out, or the next locale to explore. I often had a camera in hand while we were out on adventures. It wasn't long until Natalie would start stealing them while I rocked out on stage. Music had turned a second person to photography, and we had found a passion that we could share together.

our Adventure

I proposed to Natalie early in 2017. On a hotel rooftop in minus 20 degree weather, and that is when our adventure truly began. The next two years were a whirlwind. Moving across the country to live in Banff. Discovering a love for exploring the Canadian Rockies. Meeting and photographing so many awesome couples. Moving again to Calgary. Making lots of amazing new friends. Going on as many adventures as we could along the way. 

Oh yeah, we also got married!

Our wedding was the best day ever. It featured a surprise adventure in the mountains, and ended with an epic party surrounded by our closest friends & family. We stayed authentic planning our day, and that’s a big reason why our wedding turned out exactly the way we wanted it to. It was an awesome celebration of our love that we are sure to never forget. We’re so lucky we get to re-live that excitement all the time with awesome couples like you.

Things we love

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