Couple of stops along the way to the Colosseum to take pictures of things I’m assuming are old and/or significant. Colosseum was just as packed as the fountain. It’s neat to see, but you’ve already done that in countless movies, tv shows, and likely every other travel blog you’ve read about Italy. Don’t know what’s up for the afternoon, but I’m hoping it involves wine and not being surrounded by thousands of people.

After ditching the famjam, who were waiting in a half hour line to look at some more old shit, I was finally able to go exploring. Ten minutes out, I immediately started running into street performers. This is my world. The headless men were cute, but the guy playing ‘I will survive’ on an accordion was what triggered me to put the on 135L. Now if only I could find that wine…

Finally found my cheap wine. 1.59 Euro for a bottle of white to be precise. Paired with a bottle of bubbly water and a corkscrew that I’m sure will get well used over the next three weeks, and I’ll call that seven euro well spent. Now to find somewhere inconspicuous to make the almost empty bottle of bubbly water magically full again, and we’re off to the races. Really should look into what the deal is with drinking on the street here.

Late afternoon was really nice. Met back up with my Dad and Emily, and stopped at a delightful pizza place. Delicious and authentic, the good looking gentleman behind the bar who “should be in a pizza calendar” recommended his favourite slice with “salty cheese” in broken English.

We spent a couple of hours exploring Trastevere, a student district that was our first real insight into true Roman culture. Street vendors sold cheap clothes to locals, gelato to the tourists who made their way over, and scooters were rampant.

Caught some really nice images crossing the bridge back out of Trastevere before heading over to Giardino degli Aranci to catch a somewhat cloud covered sunset. Met a nice guy from Finland in town for a week who recommended a couple of other spots with good views. I was mostly just happy to be able to speak to someone in English.

Tomorrow I’m sleeping in, to rest up before fighting the crowds at the Vatican. Then hopefully some jazz later on.

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  1. I’m loving your travel blogging and your pics! I totally.have a visual while making me laugh ! bravo Dave ?? I look forward to more! Safe travels have fun!


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