To put it in my own terms, Bologna is like the old Montreal of Italy. A vibrant, student heavy nightlife is complemented by the rich tapestry the city’s architecture provides as a backdrop.

The two and a half hour high speed train ride in the morning provided me the opportunity to get caught up on photos and blogging, so that was a nice start to the day. After checking into a really nice Airbnb, we headed across the street to the grocery store. Meat, cheese, and buns to make sandwiches for two days, 3 bottles of wine, and a few snacks set us back 23 euro, and we headed back to the apartment to have some lunch and do a small load of laundry.

Heading out into the city around five, we found tons of street art and performers during a beautifully well lit early evening. We spent a couple of hours wandering the streets, and no shortage of beautiful photo opportunities.

After a nice dinner at a local restaurant, we headed back out to absorb as much of the town’s culture as we searched for somewhere to enjoy the night. Hearing the unmistakable sound of live drums in the distance, we followed our ears and soon found a quartet of students jamming some classic rock tunes in a courtyard. Zeppelin, Sabbath, RHCP, and many other classics serenaded us as we enjoyed a birra (or two).

It could just be my opinion, but I think allowing public drinking does so much for a city’s night life. The crowds of jubilant yet well behaved locals filled the streets, wandering from bar to bar, or stopping at one of many delis for a late night snack.

Although our stay here was short, I was happy that we did make the stop. You can see most of what this city had to offer in a day, but it’s a day very well spent. If you ever have the opportunity, I 100% recommend making this part of your travel itinerary. You will not be disappointed.

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