Siena was the sixth city on our tour, and probably the first one that we all enjoyed equally. While still a major tourist hub, it was more serene due to the more mature populace.

While lacking the majestic views of Cinque Terre, the romance of Venezia, or the heritage of Roma, there was still something about this city that spoke to us. The hospitality was more honest, the people more tolerant of our broken attempts at Italian, and the streets less crowded with tourists.

The city’s main piazza was surrounded by restaurants and bars, and is also home to an annual horse race. Word to the wise, always walk a block away from the tourist centres to find the best food. Beautiful views of the faded stucco but without the endlessness of most of the major centres came as a refreshing change.

On our second night, we stopped by a local supermercato to buy fresh pasta, pesto, and sausage for dinner, as well as sandwich fixings for the next day’s lunch. A hearty meal and then off to get rested up to travel to the final home base of our tour, Sorrento.


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  1. Dave your pictures are amazing .Look for them every day,so I can think maybe I am in Italy.Sounds like your trip has been great.