Morning report: May 14, 2018

Any excuse to get to the mountains is a good one, and today’s was dropping off something I had picked up in Edmonton for a buddy. My friend Karl joined on this morning’s adventure, and we decided on a recently thawed Lake Minnewanka as our early morning subject. The landscape that greeted us was peaceful […]

P + C // Lake Minnewanka Engagement

From the minute P sent C back to their car to grab her jacket so she could survive our adventure session in the cold, we knew we were going to get along great. They braved the elements with us on a short hike around to the back of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, and […]

D + J // Lake Minnewanka Adventure

As soon as we saw D’s stunner of a black dress at her wedding last fall, we knew we had to get her out in the mountains when their was snow on the ground. How often do you get to photograph a bride in a gorgeous black wedding dress in the middle of a winter […]

K + J // Cascade Pond engagement

My first trip out to Cascade Pond in Banff was not as a wedding photographer, but as an enthusiast chasing the aurora. So I was pleasantly surprised to when I came back during the day to scout it as a engagement photo location! The adorable bridges and mountain backdrops made this instantly one of my […]

J + E // Lake Minnewanka engagement

Being a wedding photographer in banff has it’s advantages, and one of them in the plethora of beautiful locations right on my doorstep. We met up with J + E at Lake Minnewanka, and instantly fell in love with their adorable puppers. As long as they stay on leash, we’re always happy to see doggies out […]