Italia // l’ultimo // Sorrento

As I sit on the the plane on the way home from our last night in Italia, the whole trip feels like a whirlwind in my mind. Seven different cities in 19 days, bookended with 30 hours of air travel, is a lot to take in. I’m sure in a month from now my thoughts […]

Italia // giorno tredici // Siena

Siena was the sixth city on our tour, and probably the first one that we all enjoyed equally. While still a major tourist hub, it was more serene due to the more mature populace. While lacking the majestic views of Cinque Terre, the romance of Venezia, or the heritage of Roma, there was still something about […]

Italita // giorno undici // Firenze

Next up was the capital of Italia’s Toscana region, Firenze. The city’s claim to fame is of course the iconic statue of David, although there is far more beauty than that which is contained within the walls of a few art galleries. The bustle of Mercato San Lorenzo is addictive. Street performers pander to tourists, […]

Italia // giorno sei // Venezia

I was apprehensive about Venezia, as I am with all tourist heavy areas. But by the end, I found myself to be a little sad walking away from this city so painfully romantic at night. Our first day we walked around myriad little shops and restaurants. A helpful camera store proprietor sold me lens wipes, […]

Italia // giorno cinque // Bologna

To put it in my own terms, Bologna is like the old Montreal of Italy. A vibrant, student heavy nightlife is complemented by the rich tapestry the city’s architecture provides as a backdrop. The two and a half hour high speed train ride in the morning provided me the opportunity to get caught up on photos […]