As soon as we saw D’s stunner of a black dress at her wedding last fall, we knew we had to get her out in the mountains when their was snow on the ground. How often do you get to photograph a bride in a gorgeous black wedding dress in the middle of a winter wonderland!? The two of them were total troopers with the cold, snuggling together in a sweater in between shots, but never once complaining. At one point they turned to me, and before they even had a chance to ask, I said yes, let’s get you out on the ice. And I’m so happy we did. I love doing panoramic landscape photography, and being able to combine that with wedding photography in Banff National Park was like a dream come true! We include adventure sessions with our full day wedding bookings, and after taking a look at these photographs, I think you’ll be able to see why. We’ll see you out there!

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