You don't need a wedding to put on a white dress.

Vow renewals are a great excuse to get those slick duds back on and head to the mountains for a photo session. M + J celebrated their 7 1/2 year anniversary with an adventure up through the Canadian Rockies. This sweet couple wanted to reaffirm their love for each other, and chose Banff National Park as the perfect backdrop to celebrate their renewed love.

You can tell from the way that they look at each other that they are going to have a lifetime of love together. The twinkle in a bride's eye when she looks at her man gets me every time, and M did not disappoint.

There are so many different backdrops and compositions easily accessible for a Banff photo session. M + J had mentioned that they loved lakes and mountains and left it up to me to pick a perfect location for their Banff Adventure Session. It is always hard to find open water in the middle of a Canadian February, but I knew that the Bow River by Castle Junction usually was flowing year round. With a bit of luck we were even able to find a beautiful reflecting puddle in just the right spot! The still water combined with the majestic beauty of this iconic Canadian peak made for some stunning imagery!

We took a walk and stopped to take some shots under the bridge. As much as I love the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies, sometimes it's nice to have some variety in a session! The leading lines and graffiti really give this image a different feel!

We found a beautiful clearing a few minutes away, and I let M + J be themselves as I played with the light. I captured some really nice moments between a couple with a newly rediscovered sense of Love.

After we finished in the clearing, I decided we needed just one more composition before we were done. I had noticed a small valley with some beautiful light in it earlier, so we headed back in that direction to see what we could make. We took a few photos, and then just as we were wrapping up, M + J both said that they didn't mind getting a little bit snow-y for a final shot! I'm always excited when my couples are willing to be a bit more adventurous, so I suggested they try throwing some snow in the air, and then going in for a dip. I think it worked out pretty well!

Take a look a few more images from this session, and remember that you really don't need to be getting married to get dressed up and make some beautiful images in the mountains!

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